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Conceptual Realism

“Creativity takes courage”
Henri Matisse

Henry David Potwin is quite content to be a painter of pictures. Painting has literally been his lifeline. It incorporates life experiences, connecting philosophy, physics, sociology, emotion, mysticism and eroticism with craftsmanship. Tweaking the colors to tease the eye with a sense of light and expressed energy. His work is best defined as ‘conceptual realism’ or perhaps, ‘conceptual impressionism.’

Inspiration flows from the varied quarters of life, triumphs and failures and from the great artists living and dead. Today continues to refine Potwin’s vision and craft in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas where enjoyment exists in this dynamic culture atmosphere. Potwin’s genres range from landscapes, portraits and cityscapes; to those that are personal, idiosyncratic, humorous and socially aware.

The work of H. David Potwin

With a body of work spanning decades, much of Henry David Potwin’s art has been digitized and catalogued for posterity. Please visit to view the complete collection.


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